Principal’s Message

Education is a process of life from the mother’s womb to grave; every interaction in your life is education; school education is only a part of that interaction but it accelerates your learning; it gives some draft and design which you can consolidate through craftsmanship and quality resource

Bijumon Thomas

The impact of education in every sphere of life is ever increasing, inviting innovations, competencies and comprehensiveness. Obviously, the horizon of education is not alien to the impact of modern technologies and professionalism, in fact so called modern technologies and professionalism are the fruits of education, hence they are complimentary. In order to keep pace with the continuous and rapid evolution of developments we must understand the languages, opportunities and challenges of the time. There is nothing in the entire world that exists without a purpose, hence St. Mary’s School, Mohali with its modern infrastructure exists with the purpose of giving wings to the brim-full possibilities of the kids of the region, that they may scale greater heights even to the zenith in the realm of integral education and competencies.

In our eagerness to embrace the modern systems, competencies and technologies; we do not forget or ignore the time tested traditions handed down to us from generations.
The whole purpose of teaching is to turn mirrors into windows. The vision is to give life- long values to the students that nurture humanity, create global citizens and give shape to a better world. The students under our wing are taught ‘how to think not what to think’. The school turns every stone to make learning interesting and an important resource for the child’s social behaviour and personality, so that they may walk on the path to accomplish their objectives through value based ideals and principles.

We, as individuals have conquered new horizons and traversed new lands and each of our experiences has woven a new thread into the colourful fabrics of St. Mary’s School, Mohali. We gladly welcome every child from every walk of life to embark an exhilarating journey with us in the ocean of knowledge. Let me sign out by reiterating the golden words of Nelson Mandela that education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.

Bijumon Thomas