Medium of instruction is English. Special emphasis is given on the teaching of English.

Teaching of Moral science and G.K. form an essential part of the school curriculum.

Art and Craft is given due importance in all classes.

Physical Education & Music also find due place in the curriculum. Children are imparted quality education with the help of computer based programs (Audio visual media).                                                     

Smart Classes: to build strong minds and facilitate creative learning.

Stage of Study:

  1. Kindergarten: Three years of study spread over Nursery to K.G. The world of color, music and toys make learning a pleasant experience for the tinytots, under the guidance of specially trained teachers.

a. Speaking skills:

  • Help to learn and use new words
  • Help to use language for sharing feelings, experience and thoughts
  • Help to describe events or stories in sequence
  • Help to communicate in well-framed sentences
  • Help in poem recitation.

b. Phonic Awareness & Reading Skills

  • Help to recognize the sounds of all letters
  • Help to recognize the beginning & ending sound of the given word

c. Writing skills

  • Able to hold the pencil in an appropriate manner

Able to form letters appropriately within the 4 lines

d. Logical thinking & reasoning

  • Able to classify objects on the basis of color, shape, size, speaking, writing, counting.

Number: basic knowledge of numbers

e. Knowledge & understanding of the world

Myself, family, school, india, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and earth.

f. Creative Development

Art & Craft, music dance, speaking, writing, counting, listening

g. Outdoor & indoor Activity

  • Different sports to worldly wise and competitive
  • To keep the children physically fit
  • Adventurous & exploring  

h. Confidence to address the audience

Different stage activities

2. Class I – IV: During these four years, the school follows a comprehensive foundation-buiding syllabus designed to suit children coming from varied backgrounds. 

3. Class V – X:  The Curriculum of fifth to tenth are framed students to appear for any secondary school boards successfully.