About School

"by love, we serve"

The motto ‘By Love, We Serve’ of St. Mary’s School is a constant reminder to the mankind about their vocation mission and vision. The service to the humanity is the service to God. As the Holy Scriptures and spiritual discourses clearly herald that the creation is the supreme expression of God’s love to humanity. All the religions teach its followers to love others as yourself. The result of this love is service without expecting the reward. The St. Mary’s family is committed to propagate this motto and is nurturing this to the students to be reflected in their life.

The symbols used in our logo, represent our Values: Burning Candles dispersing darkness with ta sense of sacrifice and spreading knowledge; Computer Monitor – use of modern technology as teaching aids and constant up gradation to the need of the society; Pen & Brush – learning to express one’s thoughts and words and enhance hidden talents; Bat & Ball – giving guidance and coaching to excel in the field of certain sports and games; Open Book – imparting knowledge to oneself and the world.

Our aim

St. Mary’s school is an English medium co-educational institute, affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi,

The education program is so patterned that students receive education that is not confined to text books and reaches much further into the field of Culture, Sports and Character building and a healthy respect for their country, religion, parents and teachers.

The School also promotes environmental awareness and cultural values. The school strives to bring out the best in each child and provides ample opportunities to explore the hidden talents and potentials of its students, thus takes care of the all round development of personality.